Beyond Silver Structured Silver Gel


Description & Features 

Beyond Silver gel is specially designed for the skin, bringing the many benefits of structured silver to situations where “staying in place” is important. It is ideal for the hands, face, nails, toes, wounds, and even genitals. It also contains USDA-certified organic aloe vera in one of the best forms available: BiAloe®. Special techniques for aloe farming and harvesting deliver highly bio-available Acemannan content that is 3 to 10 times more effective than the same amount of aloe from other sources.

Importantly, Beyond Silver does not contain the additive TEA, an ingredient found in several competing silver gels. TEA is not a beverage, but rather stands for triethanolamine, a chemical listed in David Suzuki’s “Dirty Dozen” of toxic chemicals in common cosmetics.

Beyond Silver gel is specially formulated to match the skin’s pH, avoiding the problems of overly acidic (dryness, cracking, bleeding) or alkaline (unsightly residues) gels. It is also alcohol and petroleum free, creating a non-burning, non-greasy, non-flaking gel that goes on smoothly and helps to restore vibrant skin quickly.

Dosage: Used as an antimicrobial to help treat minor skin wounds, burns, infections and affections. Topical.

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