SISU Integris 20

by Sisu
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Integrated Bowel Support; Focused probiotic provides advanced bowel support for occasional gas and bloating relief, supports daily abdominal comfort, and balances the digestive tract.

Daily Digestive Comfort; Each Integris Probiotic capsule contains an adult and child-safe dose of 20 billion live colony-forming units to help populate your system with positive, beneficial microflora.

Single-Strain Formula; Patented probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum (LP299V®) with unique therapeutic properties is the only strain of bacteria proven to stimulate the growth of other probiotics, thus increasing intestinal biodiversity.

Strong & Effective; Powerful yet gentle formula withstands stomach acid, multiplies in the intestines, stimulates protective intestinal mucous, and inhibits pathogens.

Rigorously Studied; One of the most-researched probiotics with more than 75 clinical studies over more than 25 years showing reduction of abdominal pain and improvement in IBS symptoms.


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