Curelle Hydra Shampoo

by Curelle

Description & Features

Curelle's mild, botanically-based shampoos are luxuriously formulated without the use of toxic ingredients that are harmful to hair and skin, and contain no added scent. The biodegradable ingredients are colour-safe, pH-balanced, and are salon-tested – not tested on animals. 

Unlike traditionally formulated shampoos, Curelle's natural shampoos will not produce a bubbly, foaming lather, instead they yield a mild, luxurious and creamy lather which can be encouraged to become more bubbly as you add water.

Penetration of antioxidants and vitamins provide protection from heat-styling, pollution, and UV rays.

Curelle Hydra Shampoo provides plant-based proteins and amino acids essential for normal to dry hair in order to establish moisture balance and increase hair strength. Lightly conditioning, this shampoo lets hair have volume while making hair more manageable.


Hydra Shampoo: Aqua/Purified Water; Decyl Polyglucose*; Sodium Coco Oat Amino Acids*; Sucrose Cocoate*; Hydrolysed Oats/Avena sativa; Xanthan Gum; Panthenol; Lonicera japonica; Citric Acid.

* = cleansing agents from coconut, corn, coco and oats (no GMO-ingredients).

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