Alkaline Planet Alkaline Pitcher


Description & Features

The Black Alkaline Planet Alkaline Water Pitcher is a Portable Alkaline Water System.  It raises city water to between 9.5 - 10pH, releases high antioxidants and minerals into the water, removes chlorine and other contaminants and It functions well at home or on-the-go. It's built using BPA free, food grade plastics that house a six layer filter featuring NSF & FDA approved ingredients so you can be sure you're getting the best quality portable water ionization for you and your family. It also comes supported by a new sturdy design making this luxury alkaline water pitcher tough enough for the home, office or just about anywhere. The AP AlkalinePitcher™ is completely new for 2016 and is sure to impress with its performance.

 *No Black Flecks
 *New Protective Housing
 *Flip-Up Lid For Easy Filling
 *Comes complete with 2 filters (Ready for up to 6 Months)
 *Drip & Odour Protection Spout
 *Digital Display Reminds User Of Filter Expiration

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