STOP Sugar Cravings & Lose Weight

stop-sugar-cravings-lose-weightIf you are having a hard time losing weight because you crave sugar, I have a researched-backed solution. Svetol, containing chlorogenic acids, helps slow the release of glucose (sugar) into the body after a meal thereby halting sugar cravings and promoting weight loss. Nine clinical studies have been performed evaluating Svetol’s health benefits. Svetol is found in SHAPEsmart.

Weight Loss with no Diet Change

In one study performed by Vinson and his colleagues men and women were given either chlorogenic acids or placebo (fake pills). The study lasted 22 weeks or just over 5 months. The participants were asked not to change their diets and on average people ate 2,400 calories per day which does not represent a calorie-reduced diet. The average weight loss in the study was 17 pounds with the lowest weight loss being 7 pounds and the highest 26 pounds and body fat declined by 16 percent.

In another study, Thom and team investigated the effectiveness of Svetol in a gold standard, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study. Forty obese volunteers were included in the 12-week study. Body weight, body composition, and blood pressure were recorded at baseline and every month during the study. The results showed a significant difference in weight reduction over 10 pounds in the treatment group versus 2.4 pounds in the placebo. BMI decreased by up to 10%.

More than Weight Loss

The researchers reported chlorogenic acids inhibit sugar absorption from starchy foods like bread and grains. Chlorogenic acids activate fat metabolism in the liver and lower triglycerides – say goodbye to fatty liver. In addition high blood pressure also dropped.

SHAPEsmart’s Svetol was the actual ingredient used in the clinical studies. SHAPEsmart comes in convenient stick packs that you can pop in your purse. SHAPEsmart is sugar-free and has a delicious natural lemon iced tea flavor that you can add to cold water for a refreshing drink or to hot water as a soothing tea or you can simply pour it onto your tongue.

(As originally published in THE WOMAN’S WORD, Issue 13, June 2016 from Lorna Vanderhaege CLICK HERE )